Edwin Jongedijk (vocals, guitar, songwriter)
Joost Prinsen (guitar, vocals, songwriter)
Martin Wieringa (bass guitar)
Niek Stok (drums, vocals)



A little over ten years ago, a group of friends decided to make music together. They all grew up in the northern part of the Netherlands and shared a passion for country music, southern rock and Americana. Rural music from the southern part of the USA, the atmosphere of which perfectly connected with their childhood experiences. They used it as a source of inspiration and put their own spin on it.

Their childhood’s soundtrack is filled with American music by The Eagles, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, and Steve Earle at a later stage. One of his songs was selected as a band name. A choice that eventually resulted in a rock solid friendship with the American town Steve Earle sang about.

After three studio albums, a live album, three American tours and frequent shows in Germany, Taneytown has proven to be a Dutch band with international potential. This group of friends has grown into a tight roots rock band that found a unique sound through songs by the song writing duo of Jongedijk/Prinsen. American, but with both feet planted firmly upon Dutch ground.